This is the wiki for RejectConf, the non-conference meeting built up from the rejections (but not only) of the Conferencia Rails

This is the initial idea:

And everybody is loving it:

Some digression

What it is a rejected talk, anyway?

People behind the official conference have the difficult task of putting together a program choosing between many great proposals. As a result, some of them, unfortunately, get rejected.

But those aren't the only rejected talks. There are many others. Some of them only existed in your mind and you personally took care of rejecting them before anyone would ever know. Or maybe you mentioned your idea to some colleagues and friends but you didn't like their faces and knew that it wasn't worth sending the proposal.

RejectConf is the place for all those talks which didn't make it. Those undiscovered gems that someone (probably you) considered too boring or too wild or too uninteresting or too … So, be brave and add that crazy talk of yours to the list below. You won't be rejected here. Here, we celebrate rejection!

On going organization


Wednesday November 3rd 2010, 21:15


La corriente del golfo (in the basement)

  • Address: Félix Boix, 16 [[map](,+16,+28036+Madrid,+Comunidad+de+Madrid&ll=40.463405,-3.687801&spn=0.009175,0.019205&t=h&z=16)]
  • Metro: Cuzco (L10) or Plaza de Castilla (L1, L9, L10)
  • Buses: Lots of, check EMT


There will be no food and a lot of alcohol (soft drinks / beer 3€, cocktails 5€) so we recommend that you arrive with greasy food in your stomach. Some cool places around (feel free to share your favorite place in the area here):

  • El Nait is just in front. Sandwiches and hamburgers


You can speak any language you want (even English)

Time limit:

Time limit would determined by audience in a per talk basis. As soon as attendees get bored they are encouraged to manifest their boredom loudly by yawning, whistling, shouting, jeering…


Wanna talk? (play here-your-favourite-music-instrument? do whatever you like to share with us?) Just add yourself to the list.

  • Alberto from Linking Paths (@molpe): "You don't get to 8.000 customers without working like a mule" (molpe-talk)
  • Sergio Gil (@porras): "The Total IDE"
  • Manuel González Noriega (@mort): "Streams & Pools. A naive approach to the scaling of social activity feeds."
  • Raimond Garcia (@voodoorai2000): "Conversaciones entre Platón, Aristóteles y Amigos sobre Software"
  • Marcelino Llano (@marcelinollano): "Podcasting 101" Slides
  • Jesús Gorriti (@gorriti): "El diseño como agente de cambio" o "ponga un diseñador en su vida"


We'll have DJ @therobot playing some kick-ass records, so let's be clear: this is not a conference, it's a party!


  • @acasado
  • @albertoperdomo
  • @amaiac
  • @cavalle
  • @cantorrodista
  • @christos
  • @crossblaim
  • @damagedgoods
  • @duka
  • @denegro
  • @eparreno
  • @ferblape
  • @ferdev
  • @flype
  • @furilo
  • @fxn
  • @guillermooo
  • @hakanensari
  • @happywebcoder
  • @hormigo_
  • @izgaka
  • @jaimeiniesta
  • @jatorre
  • @javiervidal
  • @javomorales
  • @jordiromero
  • @jorgegorka
  • @jorgesancha
  • @jotajotaz
  • @juanjoandres
  • @karlesmartinoy
  • @kokuma
  • @leptom
  • @leroj7
  • @lorenzoplanas
  • @makotogim
  • @malditogeek
  • @marcelinollano
  • @miguellc
  • @molpe
  • @mort
  • @mrsimo
  • @NanoOnTilt
  • @oinak
  • @pablete
  • @pabloformoso
  • @pantulis
  • @porras
  • @rafaelrebolleda
  • @raulbarrosoleon
  • @rnaveiras
  • @salicio
  • @samlown
  • @savicas
  • @sergiogomez
  • @shark234
  • @spejman
  • @supercoco9
  • @supersonik86
  • @therobot
  • @topowanda
  • @valakirka
  • @voodoorai2000
  • @yonosoytu
  • @xuanxu
  • @ltello
  • @fguillen
  • @polimorfico
  • @limalimon
  • @coquedesigns
  • @agustinjv
  • @batu
  • @cognosteca


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